World Juniors Overtime Rules: 2022 IIHF World Under-20 Championship Formats Explained


International tournaments have formats and rules that differ from professional leagues. It’s no different in hockey.

The 2022 World Junior Championship, which is sanctioned by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), is underway in Edmonton, and while the rules are mostly the same as the NHL, some differ.

One of them concerns overtime. The World Junior Championships use a slight variation of NHL rules, and depending on the round of the tournament, the rules may change again.

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Here is more information on the overtime rules at World Juniors 2022:

World Juniors Overtime Preliminary Round Rules

If a game is tied after the end of regulation in the preliminary round, the teams will play a five-minute overtime period, 3 on 3. The teams will not change ends during the overtime period and the game ends when a goal is scored.

If neither team is able to score in overtime, the game proceeds to a shootout. Each team gets five shooters and the team with the most goals after five rounds wins the game.

If the teams are tied after five rounds, the shootout will continue until one team scores in a round and the other does not. While teams must choose five different skaters in the initial rounds, once all five rounds are complete, players can go as many times as their coach wants.

Teams that win in overtime or shootout are awarded two points in the standings while the losing club earns one point.

World Juniors Playoff Overtime Rules

In the event of a tie at the end of regulation in a relegation playoff, placement playoff, quarter-final, semi-final or bronze medal game, then a 10-minute sudden death playoff will be played . It’s 3 against 3 and the first team to score wins the game.

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If the contest remains tied after OT, it will go to a five-round shootout.

World Juniors Overtime Rules in the Gold Medal Game

The gold medal game is the only contest that does not feature shootouts.

If the gold medal game remains tied after three regulation periods, then it moves to 20-minute overtime periods of 3-on-3 hockey. Unlike previous rounds, OT periods continue until a goal is scored.

These games will have 15-minute intermissions between each overtime period and the ice will be redone. The first team to score wins the game and the gold medal.


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