Suspected source of glow in waters off Bolsa Chica identified – Orange County Register



Investigators have identified a company suspected of being responsible for a shard spotted about a mile off Bolsa Chica State Beach earlier this week, determining that it is unrelated to the ruptured pipeline that has temporarily closed much of the local coast earlier this year.

Authorities have identified DCOR, a California-based oil and gas producer, as the “responsible party” behind the “unknown chandelier,” which was first spotted near their pipeline on Wednesday.

All rig and pipeline operations near the DCOR pipeline have ceased, and officials are monitoring the pipeline for “any indication of an additional oil spill,” according to a statement from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Recent flights over the area have revealed no new evidence of oil or shine on the water or shore, and investigators are still working to “isolate” the source of the spotted shard. earlier in the week, the statement said.

Dive crews are expected to check the waters around the pipeline early next week after the weather improves, officials added.

The most recent shard was the second sighting in a week and the third in the past month following a seemingly unrelated pipeline rupture that closed beaches, commerce and ports and resulted in charges criminal lawsuits and a class action lawsuit pending in civil court.

Stormy conditions over the past few days have raised fears that the suspected oil burst has moved north toward the San Gabriel River, the Long Beach shore, and Long Beach Harbor, rather than south as it is. other recent shards. Long Beach lifeguards ahead of the vacation weekend had lifeboats on standby to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance in case the shard moved into Los Angeles County waters.

However, no shoreline impacts were reported on Saturday morning, although beach and wildlife clean-up crews and volunteers remained on standby in the Bolsa Chica, Talbert March, Newport Slough and River wetlands. Santa Ana.



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