Microsoft Advertising rolls out automotive ads, new ad formats, more bidding options and more


Microsoft has announced its monthly updates for the Microsoft Advertising platform. This includes rolling out automotive ads, new ad formats, more bidding options, vertical ads, and more.

I’m not going to review all the announcements, you can read them on the Microsoft blog linked above.

Deployment of automotive ads

Microsoft Advertising has been testing automotive ads for the past year and now announces it’s rolling them out to everyone. Microsoft said it is “currently piloting vertical ads in areas such as travel and financial services, and today we’re excited to announce that we’re making automotive ads generally available to all advertisers around the world. in the coming weeks !”

Vertical Ads

Microsoft explained how vertical ads work by saying that they “are different for each category or industry. They focus on the information a specific consumer is looking for and deliver it in an engaging, easy-to-read, pre-click and with pictures.”

Vertical ad content comes from dynamic data feeds. They use search intent data and a deep understanding of user needs to connect customers to richer advertising experiences that break up clutter. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) uses these feeds to derive all attributes displayed in ads, using advertisers’ existing digital catalogs. It also minimizes the time and resources needed to set up and manage campaigns on our network.

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  • Microsoft is now available in 64 markets worldwide, with more markets coming later this year.
  • You can now use dynamic remarketing for travel, automotive, and events. Once you have your dynamic data feed, you have two options for setting up dynamic remarketing on the Microsoft Audience Network.
  • Video ads allow you to choose between three different bidding options for video; reach/impressions, video views and website visits
  • Piloting automated auctions on the Microsoft Audience Network
  • New Customer Data Platform Integrations for Customer Match
  • Expanded audience targeting new markets
  • Smart campaigns expand to new markets
  • Report Experience Updates
  • Discussion forum on Twitter.


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