MGM Television and Tresor in Germany sign first-look agreement for formats


Tresor, a leading German production banner owned by Keshet International, has signed an exclusive first look agreement with MGM Television’s global division to access its unscripted formats in Germany.

As part of the one-year deal, which begins this month, Tresor will receive an exclusive window to all new unscripted formats from MGM’s Global Formats catalog.

The two companies have already collaborated on MGM’s “Generation Gap”. Tresor produced the German four-part adaptation, titled “Das Ist Mein Zeit – Die Generationenshow” (“This is My Time – The Generation Show”) for WDR, the regional free-to-air television network operating in the German state of North. North Rhine-Westphalia.

“Following the success of ‘Generation Gap’, we are delighted to have secured this first deal with MGM which gives us an exclusive window into their new unscripted formats,” said Axel Kuhn of Tresor.

Kuhn said the deal will ensure Tresor will continue to have “access to a continuous supply of fresh, high-quality ideas, including paper formats.”

Scot Cru, MGM’s Executive Vice President for Global Formats and Unscripted Content, said: “MGM has enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Tresor. “

Tresor also renewed its current premier deal with South Korean media group CJ ENM for unscripted formats for a further 12 months.

Tresor TV and CJ ENM worked together to adapt two formats for the German market – the award-winning “300: War of United Voices”, which Tresor produced for Sat1 in March 2020 and was known locally as “United Voices – Das Grösste Fanduell der Welt; And CJ ENM’s hit musical mystery show “I Can See Your Voice”, of which Tresor has produced two successful seasons for RTL so far.

Kuhn said: “I Can See Your Voice” has been a great success for Tresor and RTL, highlighting the appeal of Korean formats in Germany.

Tresor’s list of successful adaptations also includes “Masters of Dance” and “Curvy Supermodel”, as well as high-end comedies and dramas such as “Unter Freunden Stirbt Man Nicht” (“You Don’t Die Among Your Friends “), which are produced by his script arm, Keshet Tresor Fiction.


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