Loren ipsum… how to get dummy files for testing in all formats



When a project is in the testing phase, developers, designers or engineers need free samples that adapt to what they are developing for better control.

It may sound simple, but it is not that simple, because when researching we often come across copyright issues and legitimate use of many demos and presentations.

Your best bet is to try a series of free websites where we can download sample files that can be tailored to suit our needs.

We can discover services that encompass everything in one, to those that specialize more in a variety of file types or formats. Either way, we’re sure to find the ones we need right now.


What is Lorem ipsum?

It is called Lorem ipsum to the type of text that is normally used in graphic design in font contractions or in drafts that will be used to test the visual design before the final text is placed.

This concept has no meaning or translation, although it derives from a text by Marco Tulio Cicero in Latin from the book De finibus bonorum et malorum where he speaks of hedonism.

With all this we mean that if we create, for example, a web page and want to know what the specific site looks like once it is with all its content, we will achieve this by filling everything with false data, photos or objects.

That’s why it’s important to have places where you can get these filler files so that you can find out what a design would look like.

This is something substantial in what project development is, especially if we use it to be seen by a client (if we are creators for others) or another person.

Let’s see which websites are the best at doing what we’re telling you.

Sample files

On this site, we will have at our disposal samples of videos, audios, documents, images, documents and other types of files.

We can put as paste on the web that has no search system, although if we already know what we want, we will switch to a fixed shot. Even so, it wouldn’t hurt to have a place you can search if you need to at some point.

The types of files we have here are:


The File Example operating system is very simple, since it suffices to choose the file and then select the size or quality, depending on the type of file.

Then we download the sample file and that’s it. This is how easy and simple it is to perform the task of having the file on our computer.

Sloth generators

We are faced with a set of tools that allow those developing a project to quickly generate a dummy file, doing it exactly according to their needs at that precise moment.

Slothman Generators can get us to have the best example file that suits us in a very short time of several types.

Random File Generator: TXT or DOC files can be created with data and in the size we specify. Data generator: it is a type of spreadsheet generator to get data. It is very easy to learn and very interesting if you need this type of file. Image generator: In this case, PNG, BMP, JPEG or WebP files can be created with any type of width, height, border size, font, background, as well as text in image and name of the file. file itself.

In everything that Slothman Generators offers us, we can also find a data converter and comparator.

In addition, we also have at our disposal several generator pairs, GUIDs and specific text for a written Lorem Ipsum.

Online data generator

It is clear that the best type of file to store an amount of the data is CVS, although the slightest mistake can ruin an entire compilation.

A good way to create these types of files and test the ones we need is to use Online Data Generator, in order to also customize the files as needed and cover all kinds of scenarios.

They can define as many rows and columns as desired, in addition to the names and data in each field. There are different categories like Personal Information, Data & Time, Business, Numbers, Location, Finance, Entertainment, Education, etc.

To help you, the web displays a five-line preview of how the CSV file will be, something that can help us a lot to see if we’ve made a mistake and be able to edit it if we want to.

The file can also be downloaded as JSON, Excel, XML or SQL Insert, although the normal thing is to do it in CSV.

Signature changes

There is no doubt that the quality and possibilities that the RAW images they are currently much larger than normal snapshots. Well, in Signature Edits we will have at our disposal a very good and extensive collection of images of this type and all completely free.

They have a collection with Lots of variety, in addition to photo shoots where the quality is very high with themes such as landscapes, urban areas, spontaneous images or grayscale photos among others.

In this case, we must inform you that they should only be used for personal or test purposes, but not for commercial content, as they have active copyright.

Lorem PDF

Lorem PDF is a website with a completely free application to create a PDF file which can have different measurements on each page.

The site itself display url where in a new tab of our browser it will generate a PDF file with specific configuration. We need to change both the width, height and number of pages while typing.

It can be a handicap not to be able to establish borders or that a text cannot be established in the place of images, all taken from Unsaplsh by the way.

Now you know the best places to get fake content and it can help you see what the project you are running will look like. This will make everything much easier for you.



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